Be Bright.

Invoice Bright is accounting technology that increases
companies’ cash flow and brightens the lives of accountants.

Invoice Bright

  • Provides real-time Payment Status for your sent Invoices

  • Finds your Lost Invoices

  • Increases your Cash Flow

  • Saves you Money

Why Invoice Bright?

  1. Vendors don't know the Payment Status of their sent Invoices and that negatively impacts Cash Flow.

  2. Vendor-to-Client communication is manual and expensive, and most do it poorly.

  3. 10% of Invoices are lost or get stuck.

Invoice Bright provides Vendors the Payment Status of their sent Invoices in real-time from the Clients’ accounting systems. Cash flow management becomes more efficient for everyone and both Parties win.

Make life Brighter by sharing Payment Status with your Vendors so they don’t have to ask you for it. Do your Vendors a favor and your Clients will do the same for you. Get by Giving!

The Invoice Bright Model


Invoice Bright does not replace another accounting solution, nor does it require a change to your current accounting processes. It simply matches Bills to their Invoices from different accounting systems providing real-time Payment Status, thus making life Brighter.